Northam Lights (2001) Glamour Magazine

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Northam Lights (2001) Glamour Magazine

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Northam Lights
Glamour Magazine
April 2001
by Samantha Youngman.
Photos by Kim Myers Robertson.

For his role as a down-on-his-luck Italian prince in this months turn-of-the-century drama The Golden Bowl, costarring Uma Thurman, 39-year-old actor Jeremy Northam made a few changes: I desperately tried to grow a beard in 10 days and master an Italian accent in four days, the actor laments. I was terrified it felt like amateur night!

But make no mistake, hes a pro: Best known for as Gwyneth Paltrows true love in 1996s Emma, hes played a cyber stalker in 1995s thriller The Net; an escaped con posing as a gay pageant director in 1999s quirky comedy Happy, Texas; and an early-twentieth-century politician in 1999s romance An Ideal Husband.

I never expected to get film work I concentrated on theater for eight years, admits the London bachelor, whose stage roles included 1989s Hamlet and 1990s The Voysey Inheritance. But now that his big-screen career is in full swing, hes keeping company with legends like rocker Mick Jagger, who produced Northams upcoming World War II spy thriller Enigma. (Micks an ordinary bloke, Northam declares. You forget the effect he has on people until they walk by shouting, Yo, rock and roll, man!) But unlike Jagger, Northam is content in his far-from-Hollywood lifestyle.

Its important to me to have a home base away from L.A. Its only work and I would hate to meld my work and my social life, he claims. Im an old boy. I need my space.

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